Our Partners

Paignton Zoo

Zoological and botanical gardens based in south Devon, that has strong conservation and education remits. We are working with Paignton to support wider food growing and environmental awareness projects and programmes.

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Garden Organic

Garden Organic are the lead organisation behind the national campaign 'Every school a food growing school'. We are working with Garden Organic to support and promote the food growing in schools campaign in south and south-east Devon.

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Klaudia Van Gool

Independent expert working in the fields of environmental management and permaculture education and training. Klaudia is working with Koru in a supporting capacity, offering guidance and experience in relation to environmental management and training.

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A charity and social enterprise established to champion a way of living that celebrates the opportunities inherent in this challenging time and that inspires people to contribute energetically towards the emergence of a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth.

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Pebblebed Wines

Small independent community focused vineyard in south-east Devon. We will be working with Pebblebed on food growing, land use and wider environmental education projects that will aim to enable a wider understanding of food in environmental, social and economic contexts

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Sustainable Ottery

Part of the Transition Towns movement working with the community of Ottery St Mary in south-east Devon to raise awareness and support behaviour change in relation to the impacts of climate change and peak oil. We are working with Sustainable Ottery in an awareness raising capacity and also supporting food and energy based projects in the community.

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IT systems and software company based in Exeter. Nexus is working with us to help with installation of our virtual learning platform Moodle. We will also have an on-going relationship with Nexus regarding wider IT support and guidance.

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Trill Farm

An organic farm near Axminster in south-east Devon with a strong social, ethical and environmental remit with a focus on education and awareness raising. Their main work is around food production, preparation and nutritional value. We will be working with Trill to support and develop educational programmes around the themes of food and the environment.

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SEEd is a registered charity that identifies, promotes, enables and supports environmental education and education for sustainable development in the UK. It is an umbrella, membership organisation for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), schools, colleges, universities, local authorities and educators interested in Environmental Education and ESD and the environment.

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Mud Island Marketing

Mud Island Marketing is a well established marketing and communication consultancy offering a range of freelance marketing and communication support services to the UK charity and NGO sector. They support environmental projects, evaluations and community engagement programmes.

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Involved primarily with helping schools to compost food waste. The world of community composting is incredibly diverse.  So many people from so many walks of life from all over the Country are involved in composting in their communities. DCCN are a key member of the Growing Devon Schools partnership.

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Send a Cow

 Send a Cow work hand in hand with poor families, teaching them the skills they need to leave poverty behind for good. By providing training in sustainable techniques, livestock, seeds and support, we help restore hope and create stronger communities. We also value the importance of making a positive change in the UK as well as in Africa.

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